Friday, October 22, 2010

'Rakers dumped by Carsen Designs

CONCORD -- Showing oodles of the intestinal fortitude that makes this team what it is, the shorthanded Muckrakers nonetheless sustained a streaking-breaking 13-9 loss to Carsen Designs on Field 3.

The Rake Guys had all sorts of reasons to fold their tents and slink off into the night in this one. Your Heroes were forced to go with a three-man outfield alignment, so low were they in numbers.

And early on, Don Dennler re-injured his uncooperative Achilles, making standing and catching and running an iffy proposition. Did Dennler beg off, ask out, call it quits? No, no, and nope. The man gutted it out for the full seven, despite being in obvious pain the whole time. And yet, not one complaint passed his lips, not once was "why me?" wailed. He did what he had to do, and it got done.

If the 'Rakers awarded Purple Hearts -- and the work order for the creation of same is being processed as we speak -- then there would have been a meaningful and moving award-pinning in the parking lot afterward.

As it was, the 'Rakers battled on as best they could. They came fast out of the gates, scoring five runs, highlighted Brian Kroll's (3 for 4) two-RBI single. But try as they might, runs became harder to come by after that. Of the Mucksters' 13 hits, none were of the extra-base variety. Still, enjoying multiple-hit evenings along with Kroll were Dave Alcorn, Rick Browning and Dave Taxier.

It's to the team's credit that it remained competitive as long as it did. But the end result was a defeat that snapped the Men of Muck's three-game winning streak.

It all sets up a season-finale like no other. The 'Rakers conclude the regular-season portion of Fall League with a D-League rarity, a doubleheader. The festivities kick off at 8:25 on Field 2. Come on out and see which 'Raker becomes Purple-Heart eligible.

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