Monday, July 16, 2007

Decision '07

Reminder to all you Muckrakers: Get to your polling place.
We need everyone to email your team MVP vote to Dave Taxier at and we'll announce the winner of the Bob Leal Keepin’ It Real Muckraker MVP Award, The winner will receive the prestigious “Hair of the Dog” T-shirt, above, donated by 'Raker Hall of Famer Bob Leal.
Odds to win Muckrakers MVP award:
Rick Hurd: 2,222,500-1
Mike Gale: 40-1
Luke Abbott: 25-1
Chris Wagnon: 10-1
Dre Thurston: 5-1
Randy Striegel: 3-1
Matt Peterson: 1-1
Joe DeLoach: 1-10
Ron Ellis: Off the board

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