Saturday, May 12, 2007

WARNING: Prepare yourself

Be scared, be very scared.

Next week, we take the blog where it's never been before. You will see things you never thought you would see (and some things you probably never wanted to see.)

And you thought this was only a blog about a softball wrong could you be?

So get ready as we take the Muckrakers blog to the next level.

P.S. In case any of your friends miss this announcement, we will send out this message to everyone at work so we can brag about all the great and wonderful things we're doing here online even if we're not making any money doing it. And we want your feedback, just get it here by 4:58 p.m. cuz we will all be gone after that. Also, don't bother sending anything on the weekends because no one will see it until Monday. Such is life in the 24/7 internet with it.

1 comment:

Tax said...

I haven't felt this level of anticipation since the last space station fly-over.