Thursday, May 15, 2014

Muckrakers doubled up by 1SBP 22-11

CONCORD -- You'd figure 12 walks and a couple of major clouts would be enough to spell victory for the Muckrakers, but not much has gone according to plan in this whacked-out 2014 summer league campaign.

The Muckrakers drew a dozen free passes -- and probably should have had much more, if not for some dubious pitch calls -- in last Thursday's 22-11 loss to 1SBP on Field 1.

Also, Matt Anderson launched a couple of major blasts over the fence -- the problem being those count as outs in D league. One of these blows came with the bases loaded, so no telling how many runs the Rakers would have scored had they had been playing on an unfenced field.

Oh well, woulda, shoulda. The fact is, the Mucksters are on a losing streak and need a win in the worst way. This reporter is pressed for time and will write no more on this game, but suffice it to say we eagerly await the opportunity to write up win No. 1.

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