Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bold, unbowed Muckrakers beaten by Bash Brothers

CONCORD -- This reporter is not a huge fan of byes, but sometimes even this curmudgeon must admit that a bit of time off for a little rest and reflection can be a good thing.

After a week off  to contemplate the first five games of the Muckrakers summer league of 2014,  one has reached this conclusion:


Yikes,  as in the Mighty Mucksters remain as game and able as always but resume play Thursday with an 0-5 mark after absorbing an 18-12 setback to the Bash Brothers on Field 3.

The Men of Muck scored in every inning of this one while limiting the BB to goose eggs in the second, third and sixth frames.  But the Bashers also put up a six-spot in the first and an eight-spot in the fourth, which the slightly undermanned Muckrakers had a hard time dealing with.

This game was perhaps most notable for the return of two much-missed long-time Muckraker veterans. Again taking the field were Randy Striegel and Dave Alcorn,  and it sure did a weary heart good to have them back in the lineup again. Good to see you back lads, and let's make a habit of it. Don't be a stranger.

You know what else can be a habit? Winning can be -- and so can losing. This spirited Muckraker bunch, well-rested after its bye week, is ready to fall back into the right kind of habit.

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