Thursday, June 20, 2013

'Rakers thrill in walk-off win against STP

CONCORD -- See that little squiggly thing in the ground there? It's a worm. What's it doing? Turning.

The worm indeed turns, which is a roundabout way of saying for all the bad luck the Muckrakers have enduring in the 2013 Summer League season, sometimes things have a way of brightening up and going in the opposite direction.

The 'Rakers, who have had jolly well enough of close games not going their way, have finally found a way to get the Softball Gods to smile upon them, with two consecutive victories to savor during their bye week.

The best evidence that things are finally starting to go the way of the Men of Muck came last Thursday in a 10-9 walk-off win over STP, elevating Los Muckeraros' record to 2-5-1.

STP scored three runs in the top of the seventh inning and were probably feeling pretty good about things in taking a 9-4 lead going into the bottom of the seventh.

Justin Boyd, who'd injured his hand on defense earlier in the contest, showed his grit by leading off with a single. Ben Enos furthered the cause with his base hit, and Randy Striegel, Matt Knauff and Marshall Murry continued the barrage of awesomeness with hits of their own.

That set the stage for Chris White, who'd already done a full day's work on the mound, pitching well and initiating two double plays. Now on offense, White blasted a drive into right-center over the STP outfielder's head, and why that lad was playing a bit shallow in that situation we'll never know. White took full advantage, hot-footing it around the bases until three runs had scored, setting off a much-welcomed victory celebration. The Muckrakers felt pretty darn good about things, and why not? It's pretty well pleasant when the worm turns.

And this win comes on top of a vanquishing of the hated Conquistadors in the previous week, 14-9, also a satisfying affair.

Running the table with four games left play might be asking for a lot, yet don't put it past the Muckrakers for one minute. If you're tempted to do so, take a moment to observe that worm. Revel in its turning.

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