Monday, May 20, 2013

'Rakers avoid loss, tie OHM Boyz

CONCORD -- This reporter usually knows where he stands on all issues all the time, yet even your lowly scribe confesses to feeling somewhat flummoxed following the Muckrakers' 20-20 tie to OHM Boyz of C-league fame last Thursday on rarely seen Field 5.

True, it wasn't a loss, and with what the Muckrakers have been going through this season, anything that is not a defeat is something to appreciate. And yet, it's not a win, either, so if you know what to make of this big, fat mess, give us a call, won't you?

This one could have turned out very badly, truth be told. The 'Rakers went into the bottom of the seventh up by four runs, but OHM Boyz scored four to tie it, and had the bases loaded with two outs in prime position to win it. But shortstop Randy Striegel saved the day with a fine over-the-shoulder catch in short left field for the final out, thus preserving the non-loss.

It was a confusing, stumbling sort of ballgame, starting with something basic such as the starting time. The contest was originally tabbed for a 9:30 start, but was shifted to 7:05 because ... well, you'll have to get with the Concord Recreation Department on that.

Once the 'Rakers were assembled, they commenced to hitting. Field 5 is a notorious launching pad, and the M-Rakers took full advantage, blasting six homers on the night. The Men of Rake went yard twice in each the second inning (Scottt Brama and Chris White) and third (back-to-back jobs by White and Matt Anderson).

 White thusly enjoyed a six-RBI night, Eric Leithliter have five ribbies and Brama contributed four.

All that heavy hitting got the 'Rakers ever so close to their first win of the year -- and helped them avoid being tagged with another hard-luck loss.

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