Friday, September 14, 2012

Indian ball, that's all; opening night postponed

CONCORD -- The Muckrakers did their very best to get the 2012 Fall League under way in a timely matter Thursday night, but cruel fate intervened.

In the women's game before the 'Rakers' 9:30 tilt, a baserunner tripped over first base and apparently suffered some sort of leg injury. An ambulance evenually arrived to cart away the injured player, but by that time the umpire had departed, meaning the 'Rakers would begin their season some other night. Hopefully, barring another unforeseen happenstance, this upcoming Thursday.

Being all dressed up with no game to play, the Men of Muck improvised and chose up sides for an intersquad game of Indian Ball, or Over the Line, or whatever the heck you want to call it. Randy Striegel and Matt Knauff chose up sides (pick me! pick me!) and off the Rakers went, playing their intersquad until the lights went out. Then they repaired to the parking lot, where, as usual, they proceeded to dominate. Until the lights went out. Then they dominated some more.

The Mucksters will attempt to get things going for realsies this Thursday, when they have a rare scheduled doubleheader. First ball gets tossed at 6:15 -- be there.

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