Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Muckrakers Go Dry, Lose To The Guys

CONCORD -- You can pick all sorts of various nits with the noble Muckrakers in this early juncture of the Summer of 2011 D-League South season, but one thing you must concede: Those 'Rakers can hit that ball and score those runs.

At least 20 hits per game and double-digit scoring -- count on it. Put it in the bank. Book it, Dan-o.

Well, not this time, Bunky. All good things must come to an end, and the Mucksters' streak of fine batting and run production came to something of a screaming halt in a 12-2 piano-wiring at the hands of The Guys last Thursday on Field 1 in a make-up of the recent hail-out.

Perhaps it was the early 6 p.m. start time. Maybe the hot temperatures had Our Boys feeling a little lethargic. Could it have been that The Lads were a little uncomfortable in the unfamiliar confines of Field 1? Or perhaps it was the unflinching law of averages smacking the 'Rakers where it hurts.

Whatever the heck was going on, it sure played havoc with the Men of Muck's average production figures. The managed just two runs and 10 hits against The Guys in falling to 1-3 on the season.

Single runs in the second and fifth innings -- and that was it, try as the Muckrakers might. Early on, it seemed as if the runs would come fast and furious, as usual. Chris White singled with one out, and Jose Gomez singled him home. However, that was that for that rally.

After a scoreless third and fourth, the Muckrakers were back at it in the fifth inning. White led off the fifth with his second hit of the game, and came around on singles from Rick Browning and Chris Wagnon.

Dave Alcorn, Browning and White were the 'Rakers' lone two-hit men on a hot evening when the 'Rakers never caught fire. That sent them into a bye week, which may have been for the best. No doubt this band of 'Rakers will come back rested and refreshed and ready to again wreak havoc wherever havoc needs to be wreaked. It's the 'Raker way.

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