Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Muckrakers derailed by Trainwreck

CONCORD -- Oh, how the Muckrakers want it. They've gone without it. They yearn for it. They call out for it in the dead of night. And yet it eludes them.

"It" of course, being D-League victories, which the Muckrakers ballclub has been trying to re-secure ever since opening the summer season with a 17-9 thumping of Nine Mugs & A Pitcher.

Unfortunately, last Thursday was not that night, as the Mucksters fell short for a second week in a row, this time an 18-14 shading at the hands of Trainwreck.

Hitting, runs and effort have not been the Muck-N-Ators' problem. Nor has good, old-fashioned desire. One only had to hear Luke Abbott's plaintive wails of "Hit it here! Hit it here! Thank you!" from the nether regions of right-center to realize that.

Yes, the Men of Muck want it. And they nearly get it. Problem is, their noble opposition has been just a tad better the past two weeks, thus a two-game losing skein.

In this one, Those Mucky Guys had relatively quiet frames in innings one through four, in which they scored five times total. But the 'Rakers really let it flow in the fifth, when they plated four comrades, then they went just as nutty in the sixth, when four more 'Rakers reached home base.

Alas, Yer Heroes scored again in the seventh inning, but scored only once, and that didn't get it the job done. When Dave Taxier feebly made the final out, the 'Rakers' chances of winning were as dead as the party at Osama's.

Yet the Mucksters' constant surges made it certain Trainwreck would enjoy few comfortable moments. There, for instance, was the Trainwreck runner who got bopped in the ol' noggin by a Muckraker throw in heading to third base, which has been something of a re-occurring theme in 'Raker games this season.

Another constant this season has been offense. Hits, runs? No problem for the Muckrakers. They rolled out a 21-hit attack in this one, with each 'Raker collecting at least one safety. Chace Bryson made his first out of the season, but it took a phenomenal catch in right to end Bryson's steak, and he still ended up going 4 for 5 and is 8 for 9 on the year. Leadoff man Dave Alcorn continues to do fine work at the top of the order, going 2 for 2 with three runs scored. The enthusiastic Abbott was 3 for 3 in addition to being a softball magnet in the outfield, and Randy Striegel (four RBI, Rick Browning (two ribbies), Chris White (pair of RBI) and Chris Wagnon (2 for 4) were quite productive.

No, in the final analysis, it wasn't enough, but Trainwreck had known it had been in a scrap. And there should be more summer nights, perhaps even as soon as this Thursday (6 p.m., Field 1) when the 'Rakers will get what they're looking for. Got it? Good.

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