Friday, July 09, 2010

Sobering loss for Muckrakers v. Here for Beer

CONCORD -- Not much to say about this one, devoted readers. The grand and glorious Muckrakers put forth maximum effort but at the end of the day found themselves on the short end of a 25-3 bushwhacking at the hands of Here for Sandbagging, er, Here For Beer, on Field 5.

It is what it is.

If that was a D League team the 'Rakers played a couple Thursdays ago, then I'm freakin' LeBron James, and let me take an hour of network time to let you know what Fall League softball team I'll be playing on.

As if.

Not that your cheery correspondent is bitter. Well, no, actually, I'm quite bitter. If I wanted to get totally pounded on my day off, I'd stroll into Artie's and scream "De La Salle sucks! And they recruit!"

But no, your beloved scribe would not think of such a thing -- although, evidently, he will blog it -- but one cannot but look askance at the Concord Softball League that it would allow such a travesty to occur.

So there.

Otherwise, we had things happen such as Mike Yurkus and Joe Stiglich each going 3 for 3, and that was pretty much sorta it, with the 'Rakers rallying for two runs in the fifth inning on RBI blasts from Matt Knauff and Randy Striegel. Oh, there was that one extended restroom break from Yurkus that slightly delayed one inning. But really, this was one to quickly file away and forget about and instead to focus on the good times, and the two remaining games yet to come.

As for you, Here for Beer, may you be condemned to watch an endless loop of contrived LeBron press conferences well into the distant future. Around here, we call that justice.

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