Tuesday, June 01, 2010

'Rakers Ravage Bad News Beers For First Win Of The Year!

CONCORD -- Weeks of hustle and hard work paid off big-time for the Muckrakers last Thursday, resulting in their initial foray into the win column in 2010, a 4-3, uh, thrashing, of Bad News Beers on Field 4.

Three runs in the second inning and one more in the third amazingly held up in this one, as the 'Rakers sipped the sweet nectar of triumph for the first time since Sept. 10, 2009, a 15-14 Fall League win over the Brown Sox.

There were good omens all over the place, foreshadowing that something good was about to take place. There was the surprise return appearance of 'Raker Hall of Famer Mat Petersen, who strolled in as if he'd never been away. That alone elevated 'Raker spirits to the sky. Not only that, but the Men of Muck were joined again by Bob Brindley, who raced in from Livermore to contribute to the fun. And then there was the prospect of the 'Raker after-party at the home of Luke Abbott, with introductions all around for his new family addition, the spirited puppy Lindy.

But, as often is the case with Our Boys, there was an element of weirdness to this ballgame. Take the top of the seventh inning, with having already scored a run to pull within a run of the 'Rakers. The Bad News Beers appeared to have driven in the tying run, only for the umpire to rule that the runner had not touched home plate and in fact was out for the final out of the game. Way to go, 'Rakers!

It was the lower quadrant of the batting order that gained The Mighty Mighty Muckrakers their first lead of the evening. Dave Taxier (10th), Brian Kroll (11th) and Brindley (12th) delivered consecutive singles in the second inning to put 'Raker Nation up 3-1.

In the third inning, Matt Knauff led off with a single, made his way over to third base, and was plated by Ben Enos' sacrifice fly for what turned out to be that oh-so-vital fourth run.

The 'Rakers did not score the rest of the way, but they still ensured victory thanks to the use of their much-improved defense. Dave Alcorn, he of the patented bank-handed stops, made several nice plays at third base, and Knauff patrolled center field with expert care. Petersen reminded one and all just what kind of first baseman he is, and Randy Striegel was the right man at the right spot (shortstop).

Once again, the Muckrakers made the magic happen. And it would be just like them to make it happen all over again.

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MeanKevinKeane said...

Muckraker Nation-Texas applauds the effort. Keep swinging those bats!