Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scared Hitless Clocks Muckrakers

CONCORD -- Time, sayeth Mick and Keith, is on their side (yes it is).

Well, goodie goodie for you, Glimmer Twins; now run off and re-release another 30-year-old album and leave us the heck alone.

Time most definitely was not on the Muckrakers’ side last Thursday in a spirited 11-9 loss to Scared Hitless on Field 3.

There the Men of Muck were, down by two runs going into the top of the seventh inning, all poised for a massive comeback in a bold bid for their first victory of 2010.

But then sayeth the home-plate ump: “I misheard the scorekeeper; there’s no time left, game over.”

Aw, @%@%&%**^%*!

It was an unsatisfying end to what was probably Yer Rakers’ strongest offering of the season. The offense struck for six runs in the first inning, and got a two-run homer from Matt Knauff in the fourth.

It was by far the ‘Rakers’ best defensive game. Chris Wagnon made a fine running catch in right-center, Knauff nearly threw out a runner at the plate from his center-field spot, and Randy Striegel (shortstop) and Mike Yurkus (second base) made all kinds of nice stops on the infield.

Striegel had an average-boosting 4 for 4 outing. Dave Alcorn had perhaps the bad-luck game of all time, lining the ball hard twice, but each time directly at a Scared Hitless defender, who turned each smash into a double play.

Tony Hicks arrived in the fifth inning, partially delayed because he saved a small creature from certain death on the street. Therefore, the karma of Hicks and his ‘Raker teammates is in fine shape. Now, if they only had a little more time ....

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