Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Muckrakers gird loins for 2010 campaign

CONCORD -- The 2010 season is like a present, all shiny and new, and ready to be toyed with for the first time.

The Muckrakers begin the unwrapping process on Thursday at 6:15, as they take on the Brown Sox on Field 4. Ironically, and boy does this site appreciate a nice bit of irony, the 'Rakers also opened the '09 Fall season against the self-same Brown Sox. Perhaps this is a good omen, as the Mucksters took away a 15-14 decision in that one.

But that was then and this is now, and just what "now" entails will be discovered on Thursday, when the current edition of the Muckrakers shoves off. As always, there have been additions and subtractions to the roster, and it will again be the duty of manager Chris Wagnon to make sense of the whole deal. But he has in the past, he will in the future, and this reporter is darn-well satisfied the present is in good hands.

Of course, rain could delay the whole process as the forecast is rather iffy for the week. 'Rakers are urged to keep their eyes to the sky and be on the precipitation alert.

The Muckrakers 2010: back at it again!

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