Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Warriors come out to play, beat Muckrakers

CONCORD -- No 10-run innings for the Muckrakers -- or 10 runs at all -- in a 22-4 defeat at the hands of the Warriors last Thursday on Field 4 in the penultimate game of Fall League 2009.

Afterwards, there were the ‘Rakers -- or the vast majority, anyway -- partaking in their usual postgame configuration -- enjoying a beverage, some chips, some guacamole and each other’s company, along with that of their devoted fans.

And that’s what this reporter enjoys about this close-knit bunch -- one lousy softball loss doesn’t put a damper on the camaraderie of a team that has been a going operation for much of this decade.

No, this Fall League hasn’t been everything the Men of Muck could have hoped for, with Thursday’s defeat dropping them to 1-5. Yet sometimes it’s about more than wins and losses. It’s about that bond, that special Muckrakers bond, that brands everyone who’s pulled into the tractor beam. Once a ‘Raker, always a ‘Raker. Muckrakers of past and present vintage know of which this blog speaks.

As for the game itself ... the Mucksters were barely ever in it. So there. So what? This reporter would like to take this time to acknowledge the quiet, under-the-radar yet fine bounce-back season being had by third baseman Dave Alcorn, who had another two-hit game (2-for-3, run scored) and elevated his average back over the .600 mark, which is usually about where it resides. Well done, Mr. Alcorn.

Elsewhere, the ‘Rakers were a game lot who played hard and well to the very end against the Warriors. Then it was time for guacamole, which also is not a bad thing.

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