Monday, June 08, 2009

Taxier puts on superstar performance, realizes it was all a dream

CONCORD -- It was the greatest performance in the history of the universe. Dave Taxier tossed a slow-pitch no-hitter, striking out all 21 he faced, and hit four grand slams as the Muckrakers devestated the Blockheads 16-0 on Field 2.

Wow, that was kinda fun to write.

And certainly less painful than what actually happened, which was the aging right-hander slipped and fell backing up a play during the intrasquad that ensued after the aptly named Blockheads declined to appear last Thursday. The fabled innings-eater pulled a muscle in the process and was listed as "out" on Friday, "questionable" on Saturday and Sunday and upgraded to "possible" on Monday.

All kinds of cool stuff happened during the intrasquad, such as Mike DeCicco blasting one of the longest drives of his career, Bob Leal making a welcome re-appearance and Clayton Hurd taking a well-deserved at-bat, but your correspondent wasn't around for most it as he hobbled on home with his leg smarting like a sonuvabitch.


What really matters is that the Muckrakers have an opponent this week who'll most likely show up. Dreaded rival Dianda Plaza dispatched Those 'Rakers 10-9 in the season-opener, so the Men of Muck have their work cut out for them if they're to extend their winning streak to four in row. Gametime is 9:30.

If the pitcher stays upright, Muckraker Nation has a chance.

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