Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Muckrakers' non-beaten streak continues

CONCORD -- My, but those Muckrakers sure find ways not to lose.

Going into last Thursday’s tilt vs. Dianda Plaza, the Muckrakers had two conventional wins and a forfeit under their belt. And after Thursday’s play against their heated rival, the Men of Muck still had yet to recently gulp the bitter beer taste of defeat.

But no, victory was not to be had either, as the ‘Mucksters came away with a sibling-slobbering 10-10 tie, a ballgame that coulda been a loss, but coulda been a victory as well, if the stars had aligned in a slightly different manner.

This one turned on the fateful seventh inning, when both teams frittered away opportunities to take the lead.

For the ‘Rakers’ part, they got back to back singles from Matt Knauff (3-for-4) and Randy Striegel (3-for-4) and a walk to Rick Hurd (1-for-3), loading the bases with one out. But then came a force out at the plate, followed by a vicious line drive by Bob Brindley (3-for-4), which was somehow snagged by the Dianda Plaza first baseman to retire the side.


In the bottom half of the frame it was Yer Rakers’ turn to wiggle out of a jam. DP had the winning run at second base, yet made a pair of outs to end the game, with each team forced to settle for one point in the standings.

The ‘Rakers did most of their offensive damage in the first inning in this one, piling up five runs in the top of the first. Der SpringleMucks then scattered five more runs over the next six frames.

But the real highlight to this non-win was the play of the outfield. Seldom have Knauff, Mat Petersen, Lucas “ROVER” Abbott and Brindley acquitted themselves so well over the greensward.

Petersen in particular made a catch that will go down as one of the finest in Muckrakers history. Starting in right-center, he ranged far to his left to make an over-the-shoulder catch of a deep drive off some unfortunate Dianda Plaza batter. Outfield plays don’t get much Web Jem-mier than that.

The entire outfield, and even the infield at times, had their moments, contributing to a midseason run that has put Wagnon's Wacky Wingnuts back in the Thursday night C/D league playoff picture.

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