Monday, June 29, 2009

Kings of Pop? Not Muckrakers in 14-8 defeat

CONCORD -- Sometimes your friendly neighborhood Muckraker beat writer second-guesses himself, thus possibly saving his hide from a lifetime of karma deficit.

This is such a time, as your humble blog-scribe had intended on posting a story on the Muckrakers' last game, a 14-8 defeat to Turn 2, with the story laced with several references and attempted witticisms based on the death of Michael Jackson. Then your Timid Typist read an impassioned appreciation of Mr. Jackson's career from 'Raker teammate Tony Hicks and instantly felt much guilt at what he was about to publish. OK, the headline above is pretty much a shot at MJ, so we'll let that stand as a warning as to the depths this column nearly stooped.

On to Plan B.

Let us just say that last Thursday's loss on the blustery evening dropped the 'Rakers to 3-5-1 on the year, and also ended the ‘Rakers’ four-game unbeaten string. The Men of Muck hadn’t been handed a setback since May 5, when they dropped a 13-5 decision to Wake the Monster/Beeline, which by no mean coincidence is who they play in this Thursday’s tilt (7:20, Field 3).

The game against Turn 2 was tight for several innings as the Noble Opposition scored just two runs through the first four innings. But the Muckrakers defense got a little wobbly after that and Turn 2 tallied six in both the fifth and sixth innings.

But Muckraker Nation had reason to be poud of its lads, who stuck around for the whole six innings. Matt Knauff, Rick Hurd, Dave Taxier and Ben Enos all had multiple-hit outings, and Mike Yurkus (two walks), Randy Striegel, Chace Bryson and Brian Kroll all recorded RBI.

There. Not the most imaginative prove ever committed to blog, but it'll have to do. The Muckrakers have a lot of work to do, and they need all the karma they can muster.

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