Saturday, May 23, 2009

'Rakers are kryptonite to Super Crew, win their first game of '09

CONCORD -- The cell phone was passed around among Muckrakers during their weekly beer-fueled parking-lot-specific Optional Team Activity following their game Thursday night.

It was ex-Raker left fielder Mike Gale checking in -- No. 13 on your scorecard and in your heart.

Yes, it was a throw-back evening all around for your Muckrakers, who gladly returned to the land of the winning with a 16-9 pasting of the un-aptly named Super Crew on Field 1.

It was a happy, if bloodied, ‘Raker crew that racked up runs, hits and cell phone minutes on Thursday. Finally playing a legit D-league team, the Muckrakers piled up a season-high 16 runs on a season-high 24 hits. Six ‘Rakesters had multi-hit games, and every starter -- all 11 -- had at least one hit.

It was 4-4 after the first frame, then the Mucksters really let loose, outscoring Super Crew 12-0 over the next four stanzas. The crown jewel of the mid-game uprising was a six-run fifth inning, highlighted by Mat Petersen’s two-RBI triple, Chace Bryson’s RBI double and Brian (Rock-n-) Kroll’s leadoff double.

And let us not forget Rick Hurd's (4-for-5, four RBI) mad dash to the plate, fashioned after taking advantage of a hesitant SP first baseman.

Super Crew made somewhat of a game of it by rallying for five runs in the bottom of the sixth. But talk about too little, too late. The Men of Muck were not to be denied.

Defensively, the Mucksters had some dodgy moments, but did have some Web gems as well, such as Aris Garcia’s juggling catch during his stint in right-center. Manager Chris Wagnon had an adventurous time in right, with SC looking to go right-side early and often. The recently re-groined Wagnon proved up to the task but paid the price, suffering a cut to the arm after a collision with the right field fence.

Mike DeCicco also left bloodier than when he arrived when he slid bare-kneed into second base in the sixth. Although the incident left his knee a quite pretty shade of blood-red, it was not thought he’d be forced to miss his Sunday soccer activity.

Overall, the ‘Rakers got quite a kick out of finally gaining victory No. 1 of 2009. Afterward, they told Mr. Gale all about it.

Note: Modifiers were misplaced in the creation of this story. I'm Dave Taxier and I approved this grammatical monstrosity.

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