Tuesday, November 04, 2008

'Rakers fall in first round of playoffs

CONCORD -- The Fall League playoffs turned out to be a one-and-done affair for the Muckrakers, who were edged 7-6 by Once Again on Sunday night on Field 2.

The Muckies didn't exactly trot out their 'A' game in the playoff opener, but still battled gamely to the end. They took a 6-5 lead going into the bottom of the sixth, saw Once Again knot it, then win it with a run in the bottom of the seventh.

A Once Again batter whacked a vicious drive down the right field line with one runner on. Right fielder Bob Brindley appeared to have a shot at tracking down the liner, but the nasty thing tailed away from the intrepid Brindley, the winning run scored, and that was it, thanks for coming, please drive home safely.

As is not unusual for the 'Rakers, this one had a bit of controversy to it. In that fateful seventh, a Once Again base runner bore down on shortstop Randy Striegel, screaming like a banshee as he was being forced out. The Muckies have been victimized by just such a move -- hello, Jon Madden. But the base ump refused to call a double play, which led to Striegel to plead his case, and to pick up the argument after the game. It was disappointing that the ump did not confer with the head official behind the dish, but that's life in the big city. Or Concord D League, even.

Your Rakers scored three runs in the first, but managed just three more runs the rest of the way. Brindley had the biggest night, going 3-for-3 (triple, two singles) with four RBI, and Mike Gale added a pair of hits.

The Mucksters have had better days on offense and defense. But they were full of fight to the bitter end ... that's what the 'Rakers do. It was maximum effort over a shortened season, and nobody could feel shortchanged.

Notes: It could have been the 'Rakers finale for Mr. Gale, who will soon take a teaching job in his beloved "T-Town" aka Turlock. The Muckrakers will not say "goodbye." They will say, "until later." The door is always open for Mr. Gale.
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