Monday, September 22, 2008

'Rakers wrecked by Benchwarmers' bloop

CONCORD -- Wasn't Bloop Single last week's game?

Yes it was, but the Benchwarmers made better use of weenie contact, blooping a lame pop that fell in front of three charging Muckrakers, allowing the winning run to score in the bottom of the sixth inning for a heartbreaking 12-11 setback on Field 2 on Thursday.

Not only was it the first loss of the Fall season for the Men of Muck, but it negated some fine come-from-behind work. Your Heroes found themselves down 7-3 in the third inning, but scored eight runs in the game's final three stanzas to work themselves into an 11-11 tie.

It would have been the perfect tie-that-felt-like-a-win scenario, if only the 'Rakers emerged unscathed and unscored upon in the bottom of the seventh. But sadly, the Benchwarmers weren't with the program, and they used a sorry-butt Texas Leaguer to center to plate the game-winner. If they can sleep at night accepting such a win --- fine.

The 'Rakers saw some fine work on the offensive side, as Mat Petersen showed that cleats don't necessarily make the man. The sneaker-clad Petersen went 3-for-4, and whirled around the bases in his Jordans in blasting a three-run home run in the seventh to knot it. Dave Alcorn, batting out of the five hole, turned in a 3-for-4 game, and Chace Bryson also turned the 3-for-4 trick.

The gutsiest hit of the evening had to go to Brian Kroll, who despite earlier popping a hammy, singled in a pair of runs in the fourth. Mike Gale turned in a clutch, two-RBI effort with his hit in the fifth.

It was close but no cigar this time out. The Muckrakers have a week to contemplate this turn of events, then return to action on Oct. 2. May better fates await them.

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