Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'Rakers fall short in '08 summer league finale

CONCORD - No, your valiant Muckrakers didn't make the playoffs, a rare omission from their usual mission. But the Muckies made a fine accounting of themselves and went down the only way they know how - hard - in falling to Bladez Barbershop II 19-15 on Thursday.

Thus, the Muckrakers finished one stinkin' point from playoff position. So close and yet so far. But Our Heroes made a massive game of it against a fine Bladez ballclub.

In retrospect - not to mention hindsight - a slow start cost the 'Rakers in this one. The Men of Muck didn't do much offensively the first three innings, scoring just two runs on five hits. But the bats eventually awoke, and the Mucksters rallied for 13 runs over the last four frames, including a frantic five-run outburst in the seventh. It was all very entertaining but just a tad too little too late.

Still, the Mucksters had to feel good about their effort. They banged out a total of 26 hits about the Field 3 lot. Dave Alcorn and Ben Enos each had 4-for-4 games, and Chace Bryson had a three-hit performance. In all, eight Muckrakers had multiple-hit games in the type of balance they'd been searching for all season.

It was a fine effort and a fine season, and no doubt the same attitude will carry over into Fall League. See you then.

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