Wednesday, July 16, 2008

'Rakers rally to tie The Guys

CONCORD -- If the Muckrakers needed a little push of momentum going into their last regular-season game, they got that as well as a non-loss in salvaging an 8-8 tie against The Guys on Field 4.

Normally, a tie would be nothing to brag to Aunt Bertha about. But this one had the look, feel and smell of a victory, as a defeat would have ended all Muckraker hopes of a postseason berth and trip to the Big D-League Dance.

And a defeat is exactly what the Muckrakers were staring at taking an 8-3 deficit going into the top of the seventh. But Your Humble Heroes managed to put five runs on the board and preserved the deadlock, and thus lived to keep their playoff hopes alive going into the final week of the regular season.

In this one, the 'Rakers had one heck of a time getting their leadoff man on base. But they finally accomplished the feat in the seventh, with Mat Petersen singling. Making his '08 'Raker debut, Ben Enos followed with a base hit as did Rick (3-for-3, two runs, two RBI) Hurd. Mike Gale, Bob Brinley, Chace Bryson, Chris Wagnon, Luke Abbott and Dave Taxier all clutched up and hit safeties as the Muckrakers delivered the late-game heroics that have become their trademark.

Their many fans expect nothing less.

But will it be enough to get them into the postseason? The softball blogosphere is buzzing over the possibilities, and all will become known on Thursday as the 'Rakers take on Bladez Barbershop II at 8:25 on Field 3.

Stay tuned!

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