Tuesday, October 23, 2007

'Rakers dismembered by Heroes

CONCORD -- Well, ain't this a fine late-season how's-your-father.

Trying to enter the postseason on a Rockie-like regular-season high, the Muckrakers instead are dealing with their first losing streak of the fall campaign -- the big two in a row, for those in the statistical know -- after being torn a new one by the Heroes 23-10 on Field 3 on Thursday.

The Muckies certainly gave it the ol' Raker try but it soon became apparant that the Heroes are the toast of Thursday night D league for a reason. The Heroes offense was constant and remorseless, the Muckrakers' a little less so.

In fact, in this reporter's opinion, the Heroes aren't being very heroic slumming in D league. But forgive the crazed ramblings of a cranky sub-.400-batting old coot.

The 'Rakers tried to keep pace, and even led after the first inning 4-3. Randy Striegel ripped a viciouis two-run homer and two batters later Ben Enos likewise blasted an RBI triple. But it was asking much on this night for the 'Rakers to continue revving at such a high rpm.

Dave Alcorn and Rick Hurd each went 2-for-3 but the 'Rakers as a whole managed just 11 hits -- not enough to hang with the league's elite.

Still, the Muckrakers have a chance to make good. They play the Benchwarmers in the regular-season finale on Thursday, a tilt with playoff implications. A victory gives the Mucksters a chance to assault the postseason yard with a little hop in their step and a bit of swagger in their stroll rather than a rock in their sock.

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