Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rockin' Rakers

Where is the intersection between heavy metal and D League softball? Well, it's not far from the friendly confines of Willow Pass Park. At least that's where veteran Muckrakers and avid headbangers Randy Striegel and Mike Gale met up with the Iron
Maidens, all all-female cover band that pays tribute to Iron Maiden.
"It was a real thrill to meet the Iron Maidens," Gale said after meeting the Maidens after their gig at Vinnie's in Concord, and after consuming an impressive amount of Guiness. "I've been a huge Iron Maiden fan since I was a kid and I think the Maidens do a great job covering them and just plain rock."
"I haven't been ear-fucked that hard since i saw Night Ranger play Konocti Harbor three years ago," said a clearly over-served Striegel. "Holy shit.
"I'm pretty sure the chicks standing right next to us were underage -- and i mean, maybe 16 years old. But that's cool because ... hey, they like Maiden."
The Iron Maidens continue on their latest tour. For more information, log onto the
DeLoach Mojo
The Muckrakers improved to 1-2 this season when longtime fan Joe DeLoach is in attendance. However, the bitter curmudgeon insists the 'Rakers were on their way to a defeat before he showed up witness a stunning rally.
Short hops
The Muckrakers begin their playoff push on Thursday at 6:15 p.m. on Willow Pass Field 1, hosting the Lumberjacks. At 3-3, the 'Rakers find themselves in position for the postseason. ... No further injuries were reported and the Muckrakers should open the second half of the year in a fairly good health. ... Fans should keep an eye out for Muckraker promotions, however, no one is expecting any more John Romero poster nights after the latest debacle.

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