Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Going, going ... gone?

As the Muckrakers continue to reinvent themselves, we have to say goodbye to some of their longtime fans. Well, in certain cases, it's not really "Goodbye" as much as "We'll see ya back here real soon."

Cecil Conley is taking his bike and leaving the Times and the Muckrakers for the fourth time. He's headed for the big city. Well, actually he's headed for the big city desk to run the show at the Fairfield Daily Republic, where Gabrielle Stevenson once started her journalistic career (and we all know how that turned out). It's not the first time we've said goodbye to the 'Hoss and the odds are it won't be the last. But as someone once said, "How can we miss Cecil if he won't go away?"

Conley's departure has left a big hole to fill on the news desk at the Times and once again a member of the Muckrakers Nation will be stepping in to fill the gap. Pamela Lewis-Turntine...or is that Turntine-Lewis (we can never get the order straight) will be moving over from the sports desk to help out in news. Turntine-Lewis...Lewis-Turntine...whatever...was once named the Muckrakers' Fan of the Game and has attended numerous 'Raker blowouts. ("Maybe if you guys scored a few more runs, they wouldn't be blowouts," she once said.)

"They have both been a big part of our success," said Muckrakers manager Chris Wagnon. "We're gonna miss both of them and we wish them well. But it's no big deal. I left sports, Pamela's leaving sports and Cecil, well, he just keeps leaving. We'll find other fans. I ain't worried."

Lewis-Turntine refused to be interviewed, saying "Look, it's just a freakin' softball blog. And you better not put my picture up there with Romero's head on top of it or my lawyer will be getting involved."

When approached for his comments, Conley also gave the blog the brush-off. "I gotta go get some vits," he said. "Where's Gale?"

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