Wednesday, April 04, 2007


After some long and often heated negotiations, we here at the BlogSpot were able to sit down with the Muckrakers grizzled manager Chris Wagnon. In between some beers at Arties, Wagnon discussed the upcoming season.
BS:This is your fifth year running the team. Are you still as excited today as you were when you first started.
CW: Yes.
BS: Uh, how excited?
CW (yawning): Very.
BS: So how does this year's version of the Muckrakers compare to some of your past teams?
CW: First of all, we made the playoffs last year. So that puts this
year's team way ahead of those other ones. I remember the days when
Jonathan Okanes couldn't score from second on a single to left center
and I remember the days when Joe Roderick took a ball off his...well,
you know, we just didn't have any talent back then.
But you look at the roster now and we're loaded top to bottom...and I
don't mean loaded like in dominating the parking lot after the game.
BS: Who will you be counting on this year?
CW: I would say Mike Gale, but that would only give him a big head and I know what it's like to live with Gale when he has a big head. It ain't
My favorite Muckraker has to be Randy Striegel, but that's only because he's my supervisor. Just don't tell him...oh, the hell with it, tell him. I'll sit his butt on the bench if he doesn't like it.
Then there's Mat Petersen. I call him my "Big Boy"... but that's not
important right now. Let's just say he swings a big bat if you know what
I mean and I do love guys with big bats.
BS: How will the loss of All-Concord Softball catcher Bob Leal affect the team?
CW: Who?
BS: Chris, one last question. We have heard rumors of a Muckrakers video game coming out on the market soon. Can you verify that?
CW: What? Where did you hear that? You're not supposed to know about that. I bet some guy with a squeaky voice who's crying for attention told you that. If I ever get my hands on that clown, I will beat the living....
BS: Ok, thanks for your time, Chris.

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